JOY. Drops Star-Gazing Masterpiece: “Can’t Be You”

20-year-old Australian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, JOY, is once again turning heads with her latest single “Can’t Be You”.

 Since her debut single “Capture” landed #1 on iTunes electronic charts in mid-2015, she has upheld her rounds in the Pop industry and continues to make even bigger waves to this day. The mesmeric intro to her new release, “Can’t be you”, will have you captivated from the first guitar lick, as the track flows between tear-jerking Pop and soothing Ambience.

 The song’s celestial atmosphere supports JOY.’s angelic vocal lullabies, leaving you feeling as though you’re floating below the depths of a hollow sanctuary. “Can’t Be You” is sure to leave an imprint on the hearts of all listeners.