Julie Elody Releases Exuberant New Track “Come Down”

Julie Elody is an electrifying artist on the rise. We’ve been watching her for some time and make no mistake, things are only going up from here! The New Orleans’ singer-songwriter punches back into the new year with her exuberant new pop track: “Come Down.” Lyrically driven and loaded with instrumental samples, “Come Down” exhibits a distinct singalong appeal that will surely get you amped for 2019.

Written about the feelings involved in the break up of her previous college band, moments of sadness and confusion are touched upon, alongside moments of bliss and the discovery of one’s sense of self.

“I was devastated when we (the band) broke up, just severely crushed and I ended up writing these lyrics about knowing something is a bad idea but continuing to go back to it over and over again.  We knew we disagreed on so much of what makes a band great, but we kept holding on despite that and in the end it came back to bite us.” – Julie Elody

Julie Elody is happy to have found her true sound in a more current electro-pop style and with “Come Down” now out and making the rounds, Julie prepares for exciting new endeavours, including the release of her solo, debut EP.




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