Julie Elody Releases Genre-Fusing EP “Queen of Wands”

Julie Elody, a singer-songwriter from New Orleans, has released a seven song EP titled “Queen of Wands”.  The EP stands out from the crowd with its diverse spread of genres.  Dancehall influenced “She’s Killin It” and latin styled “Relatable” are the perfect blend of party-anthem and radio sing-a-long, while “The Lighthouse” takes on a darker tone, both in its subject matter and in its dubstep inspired production. 

Julie Elody’s musical roots come from an unusual place.  Her evolution from Punk-Rock singer to Pop artist is central to her success as a solo artist.  Her tracks merge genres to contribute something unique to the Pop scene.  Elody’s “Queen of Wands” represents a long musical journey to her:

 “I finally have made my journey; I am finally happy with where I am in life and have accepted my purpose,” – Julie Elody

Stream “Queen of Wands” Here:





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