Kaivon Drops Awe-Inspiring Anticipated Album ‘Awakening’ As He Heads Out On Tour

For Kaivon, Awakening represents so much more than marking the moment he released his debut album. It symbolizes his rise from the ashes after being sucked into anxiety and depression where he then tried to cope with vices and avoidance. At times, we can feel that those who have success in the entertainment industry, or those who achieve success in other walks of life, are invulnerable to the sufferings of the common man – that’s just not true. Kaivon mentions that he hit a rock bottom during the COVID lockdown era where he refused to look inward and solve internal issues that were weighing on him. Instead he would go out, go hard, and in the end, feel miserable when the dust settled.

He made a commitment to stop coping with vices and face himself. It was at a family funeral where he heard a book mentioned, “The Power Of Now,” which helped him find peace and security. Reading the book and hearing out the author on YouTube would instill confidence in him once again and the pillars of Awakening would be formed as this new chapter in his life began.

Two years later, Kaivon has clearly been resourceful with his time and has a deeper connection to his audience. This debut album is releasing on Lowly (a subsidiary of Trap Nation) featuring incredible works of art, he’s leaving on a massive tour that’s going all across the United States in September, and a more honest, communicative approach to his audience has strengthened both the numbers and the dedication of his fanbase.

It goes without saying that Kaivon has put his all into this album, hear for yourself and be apart of a deeply personal, momentous journey.

“Partnering with AFSP on the Awakening Tour is something I am extremely honored to do. I have personally struggled with mental health issues my whole life but always found a safe escape from my negative thoughts by creating music. From these struggles, came the creation of my debut album Awakening. The overall message that I hope people take away from Awakening is to remind them that they are never alone and everyone has a beautiful purpose in life. I truly believe that this coincides with the message of AFSP. With their help, I hope to make a positive impact and help those who feel hopeless.”





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