Kamandi releases Weekend Crender – an Epic Atmospheric Voyage

Strap-in for an atmospheric voyage of epic proportions with CULTR favorite, Kamandi. The New Zealander makes his 2020 debut with “Weekend Crender”, a strikingly beautiful electronic track woven together with delicate refinement.

A flowing percussion section erupts, beginning the “Weekend Crender”. From the onset, its natural pull ensnares listeners and ensures they’re along for the ethereal ride. As it builds, a spacy synth line fills the air and oscillates between chords with a joyous, yet haunting effect. A simple vocal sample adds an extra bit of flair and makes the track feel whole, highlighting Kamandi’s prodigious talent in the art of composition.

In conjunction with the release, Kamandi also released a companion video created by the man himself. The video is built by code synced to audio, which then produces the visuals. Truly, a mad scientist breathing life into his artistic vision in a radical way.

“Weekend Crender” follows the end of the year release of, “Not Biting My Tongue” and his mid-summer album release, Voices. Both are excellent masterpieces and follow a similar style to that of “Weekend Crender”. In particular, “Not Biting My Tongue” feels as if it could be a companion track or a prelude to “Weekend Crender”. Either way, the two singles serve as excellent reminders that music can be more than background noise served to us by the algorithmic machine. But rather an emotive connection to something more for those willing to listen.

Listen to Kamandi’s “Weekend Crender” by following the link here. Or Scroll down for the companion video or Spotify stream.





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