London-based Talent Kamran Ramsden Releases Captivating Indie Hit ‘Unfortunate Star’

Since he was ten years old, Kamran Ramsden has been on an adventure through music, building himself into the talented artist he is today. Inspired by his dad’s collection of Queen, Oasis, and Led Zeppelin, the modern indie innovator is a beacon for pushing the boundaries of genre and sound. Ramsden began his music career playing in numerous bands centered around his hometown. He then journeyed to London in order to expand his influence in the industry and find his unique style.

With each release, Ramsden separates himself from the norm and continues to stand out as a pivotal figure in the indie community. His debut single ‘The Line’ shocked indie fans through its incorporation of components from bands that Ramsden listened to throughout his childhood. Ramsden’s most recent release is ‘Unfortunate Star’, which is also the second installment of his highly anticipated upcoming EP ‘Funeral For A Birthday’.

‘Unfortunate Star’ emulates a nostalgic vibe, with guitars and drums that pay homage to indie rock that was present in the 90s. Co-produced with Jake Reynolds, the track merges genres to forge a one-of-a-kind indie anthem that showcases Ramsden’s eccentric voice. His lyrics have a mesmerizing aura that sheds light on how people are sometimes drawn toward toxic relationships even after trying their best to avoid them.

Discussing the purpose of the song, Ramsden states that, “we all have unfortunate stars in our lives that guide us back to them, let this song be a reminder that you’re better off without yours!”. The mix of Reynolds’ skilled production and Ramsden’s powerful voice in “Unfortunate Star” is a recipe for a viral indie sensation.





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