Kantor Drops Unorthodox House Single ‘Floppy Disk’

There are a handful of electronic artists going after the technocrat/cyberpunk vibe in 2021, but few bring it to the level of enjoyability that Kantor is able to. “Floppy Disk” embodies this temperament as he approaches what is now his 7th release via an alias he started in 2020. The single features robotic vocal samples alongside a thumping four-on-the-floor beat. A rhythmic, wood-block-sounding instrument drives the rhythm in the drop. Light effects that deliver an impression that a futuristic desktop is booting up and shutting down floats around and comes to prominence at just the right moments, enhancing the characteristics of the previously mentioned production elements and allow the concept of the single to better come to life.

Kantor clearly puts in a ton of work when it comes to what he puts out and how his brand & music leave an impression on the end audience. He’s a guy that doesn’t leave anything to chance. To further extend the point, he’s gone to quite some lengths to maximize the potential of the alias, investing into videos that simply blow that lid off the status quo of modern-day music videos.

Check out, “Enter The Grid,” and, “Hacker,” which feature a serial plotline that connects the storyline between the two music videos together.

“Floppy Disk” is another notch on the belt, but also a first-rate demonstration of what it means to have integrity behind your music.




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