Kantor Debuts D’n’B Sound With Creative ‘System Crash’ Single

Kantor’s “System Crash,” moves forward with the highly active flow that he’s been on in 2021. The single features a drum and bass feel this time around, a change from the trap and house oriented productions that have commonly been coming out of his catalog.

Syncing up his computerized, dystopian sonic setting with the intensity d’n’b can offer, the different direction Kantor decided to go in this case is refreshing, but not too far off the bandwagon where it feels disconnected from the brand.

Kantor’s now achieved over 100,000 plays per track on his music, support from names like Alison Wonderland, and has proved he’s a visionary when it comes to both the video and audio side of what an electronic music alias can be. The name Kantor triggers a feeling of infectious fun that can’t be beat, a trait that never goes away no matter how many releases stack up in his catalog.





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