Kantor Features Surprising Sound In ‘Technodisco’ Single

Taking the direction of his sound to a bit of a different place, “Technodisco,” showcases the dynamism that USA artist Kantor is able to deliver on. Past releases show he is down to put out everything from trap vocal tunes to instrumental house tracks. Yet, his latest takes the flow in a more simple direction, building classic house elements into his well-crafted world of releases that continue to achieve steady success.

“Technodisco,” isn’t without it’s cinematic traits. Tracks like “Enter The Grid,” and “Power On,” very definitively pronounce a theme of an exhausted, post-modern era where technology is in charge. Considering the album art and the upbeat nature of this particular track, one gathers the impression that the realms of robotic technology and humans have merged harmoniously.

The experience is open to interpretation, but one thing is for certain: Kantor knows how to evolve his sound and not regurgitate the same ol’ style time after time. With this in context, all of Kantor’s release fit into a certain parameter that can only be properly labeled as his signature sound. His catalog comes off balanced when listening single to single, with each track having unique characteristics easy to cherish.




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