Kantor Drops Infectious Vocal Track In ‘Unbroken’

Kantor get’s emotional in his latest original release titled “Unbroken.” From the get-go the track pulls on the heartstrings with a mid-pitched vocal topline doused in plenty of passion. The song wouldn’t be without a glitchy heavy bass feel the solo DJ/producer often puts in his tunes – the drop bursting with static melody as the expertly mixed and mastered sidechains dance in a rhythmic fashion that brings groove to the moment.

Kantor’s 5 singles released in 2021 together create an alluring template of sounds that have been a benefit to the broader dance music scene. Always coming in strong with a clean structure and well thought out concepts, his ability to put out a wheelhouse of sounds that fit him but aren’t to similar in sound is a feat worth highlighting.

Pair this with videos showing his will to go the extra mile while building an outstanding profile of his capabilities and you’ve got something well rounded fans are more than willing to latch onto.




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