‘KAYTRAMINÉ’ Showcases The Collaborative Minds Of Kaytranada and Aminé

KAYTRAMINÉ, the new self titled album has arrived from Kaytranada and Aminé. The talented inviduals come together for a 11 peice LP that cretinaly creates a splash within the music world.

The album introduced itself with the lively track ‘4EVA’, co-produced by Pharrell Williams. It premiered during Kaytranada’s electrifying performance at Coachella, setting the tone for an album filled with sunny vibes.

‘Who He Iz’ brings together airhorns, a smooth beat reminiscent of Busta Rhymes’ ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See’, and laughter sampled from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s ‘The Message’. It’s a delightful fusion. The captivating rhythms continue with ‘letstalkaboutit’, featuring Freddie Gibbs, where the lyrics shine with brilliance and swagger: “Do my one-two step make your bitch get wet, that’s why they give me all the goodies like Ciara.”

On ‘Eye’, Snoop Dogg joins the mix, accompanied by walls of synth and harmonizing vocals, delivering laid-back verses about love. ‘Master P’ features Big Sean and starts with spiraling beats and distorted vocals, eventually transitioning into blissful sonics. ‘Sossaup’ impresses with its clever lyrics and winding beats, enhanced by the bell-like vocals of Ghanaian singer Amaarae, including the standout line “I’m feeling Beyoncé, I’m about to upgrade you.”

However, it’s ‘Rebuke’ that cements the album’s status as a contender for the hottest release of the summer. Aminé’s charismatic bars are brimming with pop culture references, showcasing their wit with lines like “The Kourt Kourtneys got Disick divorcee / My ordeals might owe fees, part ways like McCartney / Match made in heaven like Ja Rule and Ashanti.” This track exemplifies the brilliance and depth of their seamless collaboration, combining inventive production, confident lyricism, and delightful soundscapes.




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