Kenn Colt Brings Awareness To A Good Cause Via ‘Damn Right’ Single

Kenn Colt is back again with a meaningful aspect connected to his music that will save lives. His single “Damn Right,” is a blissful feel-good tune that carries prime stickiness, but the story goes deeper than this. In partnership with Belgium organizations Flemish Traffic Science Foundation (VSV) and Bonka Circus, the track will move forward as a part of a wider campaign to bring awareness to the dangers of drunk driving. Sadly, Kenn Colt himself lost his girlfriend to an a car accident where the offending driver as inebriated. With life-changing tragedies being preventable through education and awareness, if Belgium based, prepared to hear the tune built into PSA campaigns and the like.

Focusing on the music, “Damn Right,” is the perfect feel-good party song that will reach a young audience. Chalked full of high-octane melody and his previous records soaring to high play count time and time again, so much is falling into place all at one time that makes the energy behind this single vibrant and electric.

Kenn Colt has done more in his career than many do in their lifetime. Playing Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, and a slew of other festival and events around the world, owning his self-started well-heard label, and having a distinct sound that’s easily recognized as ‘him,’ just begins to highlight the epic nature that he’s all about.

“Damn Right,” is just the the latest tipping point of a well-catered, meaningful artistry that is Kenn Colt. If this is your jam, dive into who he is on any major DSP and don’t look back.




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