Kenn Colt’s ‘Rest Of My Life’ Another Euphoric Notch In This Rising Talent’s Belt

Kenn Colt’s “Rest Of My Life” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inspiring dance pop music that you can get down to again and again. “Rest Of My Life” brings together simple piano chords, eased electric guitar, and an strongly written vocal section to drive home something time-testing. If familiar with the artistry of Kenn Colt, you know his music often comes with a deep sense of emotion and a well-meaning direction. The single, “Rest Of My Life,” only enhances this theme with forward-facing verses and and a vocal range that makes you pause what you’re doing and gawk it the intensity and volume that is coming at you.

It’s comes to no surprise that the Belgian-raised artist is able to bring forth such a top-shelf experience time and time again, he has dozens of songs under his belt, meaning his dedication to production has made something that’s hard for most easy from him.

It isn’t just the music front that his success is most noticeable. He’s toured around the world and played events from Tomorrowland/TomorrowWorld to Ultra Music Festival South Korea, and Sunburn Festival in India, the list goes on and on.

“Rest Of My Life,” and “Damn Right,” are just a few recent people-pleasers that Kenn Colt has been outputting, his discography has much more to share and there’s no doubt more releases will be coming from him in no time flat.

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