KIIRA Returns With New Single ‘Slow Gazing’

KIIRA has dropped her debut 2021 single “Slow Gazing,” making a strong comeback since releasing her last single over a year ago, “Porcelain.” “Slow Gazing,” kicks off with a smooth flow paired with an upbeat nature. Her signature vocal pallet, and all the charm it endures, encircles a simple-yet-effective blend of live instruments. The two aspects playing off each other harmoniously. The chorus hits promptly with it’s colorfully written design, boasting stickiness through it’s easy-to-remember structure.

One thing is for certain, she’s still ‘got it.’ The single showcases spot-on moments that resemble features of her past elements, but contain plenty of aspects that allow it to stand on it’s own.

KIIRA is 24 years old and based in Switzerland, her skills include singing and songwriting, but aren’t limited to this. Being born in Paris, her well-traveled upbringing playing a role in her dynamic range as an artist today. Influenced by the vibes of Basquiat, Lana Del Rey, and Nina Simone, KIIRA thinks out of the box and goes places sonically others just don’t have the audacity to go to.

Check out the visualizer and audio stream of “Slow Gazing,” below.




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