Kill The Noise A Victim Of Hit & Run In New York

Jacob Stanczak aka Kill The Noise was unfortunately involved in a hit and run today. Luckily, no major injuries occurred. With the injuries happening primarily to the individual in the backseat, who according to Kill The Noise’s tweets, wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. Kill The Noise had to spend the night in the ER. However, he has turned this negative experience around, stating that it was inspiring to observe the ER staff deal with “layer of reality that most of us only would have to experience very rarely”. Thankfully, Kill The Noise made it to NYC for his set at Electric Zoo.

Well spent the entire night in the ER after a group of us were involved in a hit and run but everyone is ok, one thing I gotta say is always wear ur seatbelt even if ur in the backseat the only person who got hurt was sitting in the back seat

— к†и (@killthenoise) August 31, 2018




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