Kim Sane Lights Up London’s Underground House Scene With Single ‘A Fantastic Journey’

Kim Sane has hit the ground running since his project’s debut, delivering a genre-bending style to the tech house community on a global scale. On a more localized level, Kim is one of the hottest acts in London’s underground scene, infusing indie, disco, and other infectious sound elements in his production. The overall vibe that Kim’s music gives off is carefree and lively, urging listeners to completely let go and lose themselves in his beats.

Although his sound design is incredible, Kim is much more than a gifted producer. This innovative artist continuously shocks crowds with his flawless mixing abilities and electrifying stage presence. He has executed memorable performances at Full Moon Party, La Plancha Anniversary, and even Ultra, among other festivals. Kim plans on expanding his influence over house with upcoming slots in Paris, Bangkok, Bali, Miami Music Week, and more!

Growing the excitement about his future shows, Kim just dropped his funky disco anthem, “A Fantastic Journey”. The track kicks off with a driving drum-filled rhythm that instantly makes its audience what to dance. Throughout the single, mesmerizing chord progressions and spellbinding vocals are layered into the mix. As a whole, “A Fantastic Journey” is exactly as its title proclaims. Showing off Kim’s crisp production expertise and vivid auditory imagination, the track inspires feelings of pure bliss in its listeners.




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