KLYMVX And Merty Shango Team Up On Infectious Hybrid Single ‘Starlight’

KLYMVX is one of the biggest name coming out of France and their notoriety continues to incline globally. Now they’re adding another gem atop of their mouth-watering catalog with the release of “Starlight.” The tune showcases many sonic queues that previous releases from them have shared, so if you know this group you’ll recognized their signature sound well built in. Yet, the flavor of Merty Shango infuses the vibe with an original flavor that’s hard to forget. The combination of KLYMVX and Merty Shango is a match made in heaven.

Made up of two people, Axel from Vietnam and Hovig from Armenia, they are a different type of clashing of cultures that was simply meant to be. Their two diverse backgrounds have laid the foundation of a great alias that continues to out-perform itself year after year.

Between their 40 million streams, editorial support, and love from outlets like Chill Nation and Proximity, KLYMVX has achieved a well-rounded amount of success with a future looking brighter than ever.





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