After 4 Years, Knife Party Release Their Next EP ‘Lost Souls’

Knife Part are back! The Aussie duo have not released an EP since 2015 which was their ‘Trigger Warning’ EP – they have also released singles ‘Battle Sirens’ and ‘Harpoon’ since then. As you can see there hasn’t been a lot of music from the Knife Party camp, but that changes today.

The 4 track EP includes ‘No Saint’, a solid production that includes familiar elements from previous Knife Party releases. Overall ‘No Saint’ sounds a bit basic and results in it being slightly underwhelming. The next track, ‘Lost Souls’ which shares its name with the title of the EP – has a harder bass house styled drop with aggressive vocals that brings you right back to the older atmosphere from the duo! The third track in the EP is ‘Death & Desire’, which sees Knife Party teaming up with Harrison on vocals. This song is a welcomed outlier in the package, with almost a progressive house-ified Knife Party production, with brilliant vocals and a catchy and warm instrumental – it’s the highlight of the EP! Lastly, Knife Party conclude the EP with ‘Ghost Train’ which incorporates sounds from an actual train. This track overall is more on the ‘out there’ side of the scale, with train sounds and a high pitch drop sound – you’ll either love it or hate it.

Talking with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Knife Party explained their decision to release music now and in the end it’s timing is based upon the return of their other musical project Pendulum.

“We had a collection of music that we just wanted to get out before doing any of the Pendulum stuff. It felt like we sort of needed to finish that off before getting back to Pendulum and release this little bit of music before going quiet for a tiny bit. It’s been a while since we last released something and we wanted to make sure it was right.”

Overall new music from Knife Party is always welcomed. Knife Party’s fans have expressed their thoughts on the EP with the majority being positive, along with certain fans providing negative thoughts regarding specific tracks.




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