Kozmoz Throws Down A Barrage Of Bass With ‘Drop Out’ EP On Disciple Round Table

There is no better way to close out the summer than with a detonation of dubstep and bass. If you are still searching for this ideal environment then look no further. Skilled producer Matthias Seyss, known by the stage name Kozmoz, is the trigger man, and his new EP Drop Out is the bass bomb.

Since his emergence as an artist, Kozmoz has received a wide cult-like following, full of dubstep enthusiasts that are extremely passionate about his unique sound design. Bringing an unprecedented level of energy, Kozmoz has makes every venue or festival, such as EDC Las Vegas and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, go absolutely bonkers.

Kozmoz’s Drop Out is a five-track EP released on diehard heavy bass label Disciple Round Table. Getting the ball rolling with “BOUNCE GATE”, intense lyrics along with a hectic progression of low-temp bass is capable of hyping up any audience. Next, Kozmoz joins forces with MINDFVCK for a monumental collab on “TONAL SCREAM”, a prime example of dark riddim sequences.

Also featured on the EP are “FUCK RENT” and “KICK’N IN UR DOOR”, two bass-fueled ear- shattering bangers. Each track includes catchy vocals and mesmerizing sound experimentation. Lastly, “BLACK HEART” with REIGN is a tad softer than the rest, with a drop that resembles a crossbreed of future bass and dubstep.

Overall, Drop Out contains enough bass to top seismic charts as a level five earthquake. It is merely a foreshadowing of what Kozmoz has in store for his fanbase in the coming months.




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