KREWELLA Drops “The Body Never Lies” Album

Krewella the electronic duo has become known for their hard-hitting and yet emotionally charged music. After releasing singles with Illenium, Tiesto and other famous producers. Krewella has unveiled the full 10-track masterpiece.

The Body Never Lies title hints at the range of emotions within the LP, with each track as unique and varied as our feelings themselves. Traces serves as a haunting opener, quickly followed by a series of heavier tracks, including the drum & bass-inspired In The Water and the angry yet touching War Forever.

Krewella hits a different vibe with the last three tracks, which explore the darker and more tender side of the human experience. After a long wait for this highly anticipated album, to say that Krewella has done it again with The Body Never Lies would be an understatement.

The clench of a fist, the pit in your stomach, the fluid in your veins; the body is a sensor, messenger, keeper of stories, a fortress of the soul, an instrument of knowing, a rocket ship to other worlds. Every cell, pore, and bone recalls the past, absorbs the present, and senses the future. ‘The Body Never Lies’ is at times an angry, sometimes feverish, but always a euphoric conversation about feeling, remembering, and existing in our individual vessels that encase our soul and memories.” – Krewella




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