KROMI’s Journey: From Debuting at Top Las Vegas Clubs to Headlining at Exchange LA

It’s not simple to get hired as a DJ at a major club in Sin City. To succeed in the cutthroat world of electronic dance music, one needs talent, hard work, and tenacity. DJs that make an impact on the scene do so because they have a distinct sound and style and can connect with their listeners. They need to be able to work effectively under pressure and keep up with the industry’s hectic pace and high standards. Having a robust web presence and a well-developed network of industry contacts can also help immensely in breaking in. Enter KROMI.

In the cutthroat industry of electronic dance music, emerging stars like KROMI are few and far between. KROMI, however, exemplifies the traits of talent, hard work, and dedication necessary to succeed in this field. Omina, Hakksan, XS, Kaos, and Marquee are just some of the prestigious Las Vegas venues that have hosted KROMI since she first appeared in 2019. She is now a regular DJ set at Resorts World’s Zouk. 

KROMI has performed alongside many well-known DJs, including Tisto, Zedd, DJ Snake, and many more, thanks to his skill in fusing together a wide variety of musical genres. She broke barriers in 2020 by becoming the first Chinese female DJ to secure a residency in Las Vegas and the first Chinese female musician to headline at one of the world’s greatest clubs, Exchange LA . Thanks to her talent and dedication, she has gained a global fan base. 

With her career flourishing, KROMI has also just published her massive collaboration with MOGUAI, titled “No Secret,” which is available on all the usual digital outlets. KROMI suggests getting started immediately if you want to make a profession out of your passion for dance music. One’s dreams can be realized with enough enthusiasm and effort, so the saying goes. Even while she keeps making waves in the music industry, her words of wisdom and her own journey serve as proof of this.

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