KSHMR Releases Brilliant Debut Album ‘Harmonica Andromeda’

KSHMR’s debut album Harmonica Andromeda has arrived. The 14 track (including 3 interludes) album consists of some incredible music, highlighting the evolution of KSHMR’s sound over the years.

When it comes to KSHMR’s debut album, the elephant in the room is his January 8th tweet, claiming that his album may be “one of the best electronic albums of all time”. While it is important for an act to be confident in a body of work such as their debut album, many took KSHMR’s comments the wrong way. You’ll have to listen through the album to decide whether or not his prediction comes to fruition.

While the album is probably not one of the best electronic albums of all time, it is still terrific. KSHMR has always been a producer first and a DJ/artist second. He has ghost produced some incredible music over the years, from dance to pop. With Harmonica Andromeda, KSHMR highlights his incredible production abilities. The sheer quality of the 14 records is incredible, super punchy and the details are marvelous.

In true KSHMR fashion, many of the tracks feature elements of Indian instruments, largely guitar and flute. These have been a theme for years in KSHMR’s music and Harmonica Andromeda could be one of the best implementations of them yet. KSHMR also delves into new territories with tracks such as ‘Song Of War’, with grungy, rock-like elements that result in an aggressive track.

KSHMR writes about the album, “The creation of Harmonica Andromeda made me fall in love with music all over again – there’s a journey in every song. It’s the most creative music I’ve ever made and the most challenging, filled with sharp turns and surprises. I hope the world loves it as much as I do.”

The album as one is amazing, a continuous collection of music that takes you on a journey. Some tracks may not be as amazing viewing them individually however. The best song in the album was the first released, ‘The World We Left Behind’ together with KARRA. It’s an amazing piece of work and set the bar high for the album upon its release. KSHMR regards the track as, “the best song I ever made. It’s a bit Lion King, a bit Porter Robinson and embodies so much of what I love in music.”

KSHMR fans and the entire dance music world will be keen to listen through. They won’t be disappointed but they may not elated as KSHMR’s initial tweet teased. One thing’s for sure, this album will be used as a reference for producers when they’re mixing and/or improving their final exports.

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