Kwon Breaks Down Debut EP “Collections” Track By Track

Justin Kwon – better known as Kwon – is a rapidly rising independent producer from Los Angeles California. Gearing up for his debut EP release, Kwon embarks on his most courageous venture yet. Described as a “creative mind dump,” the producer has put together a cohesive project that will showcase the various facets of his musical talent.

Putting his vision into fruition, the artist exquisitely displays his creative ability through this 7-track project available via Moving Castle. With production cameos from Manila Killa and Ramzoid, all elements seemed to be put in place for this special occasion. Out now, we had the honor of chatting with Kwon as he breaks down the EP track by track.


“This is the first installment of the EP Collections. Made back in July of 2019 with Chris (Manila Killa)  and Julien (Ramzoid) initially started as a fun session that progressed into what it is now. This song sets the stage for what to expect in the rest of the EP.”


“Wanted to give a contrasting listen as there are two separate moods of the EP. This one is on the lighter side with a lot of different moving synths to give it a whimsical ride.”

770 Twin

“This was the start of Collections. I made this demo over a year ago and was the blueprints for the project. Initially it was supposed to be separated into two parts but to follow the story of creating a journey felt that it needed to be a single track.”


“Struggled with this song the most but ended up being my favorite. This song was really a reminder to myself to not overthink things and allow the mind to create. It’s something all creators face and this was just my journey overcoming it.”


“I think the hardest thing to do in life sometimes is to face reality. No matter what we do we are presented with things that aren’t in our control that we stress about or try to change. This song is about overcoming that feeling.”


“Made this on the train ride down to San Diego. You get one of the most scenic trips taking the Amtrak and wanted the track to be the exact opposite. The idea of being unexpected was something that I wanted to do on the EP and felt like this was a great way to do it.”





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