Label In Focus: Magic Records

With over 500 releases under their belt, Magic Records are no newcomers to the music scene. Started by Jeff Liu in New York back in 2016, 4 short years later the imprint is celebrated through the electronic music and gaming sphere. Amassing over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and well over a million followers across their Spotify playlists – Magic Records are killing the game.

Initially focusing primarily on festival trap and future bass, the channel promotes music to more than 3.5 million subscribers on the main channel and more than 10 Million followers across Magic’s network. Magic Music is also responsible for some of YouTube’s best gaming mixes, with some of their most popular mixes notching up as many as 43 million views. As with handful of other labels, Magic have allowed their music to be copyright free on major platforms, exchanging potential royalties for growth and expansion, which has clearly paid off.

Following their booming success on YouTube, Spotify and other DSPS, Magic Music has also launched their own sub labels: Deep Universe & Magic Club, focusing on deep house and tropical house respectively.

If you’re lucky enough to release with the brand, plays flow in in the hundreds of thousands and can potentially kick start an artist’s career.

Magic are a brand that is sure to continue their growth to become one of the most important imprints in the electronic scene, if they’re are not already!




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