Label In Focus: Spectrum Recordings

With over 200 releases on their catalogue, Spectrum Recordings (distributed by The Orchard / Sony Music), are no newcomer to the music scene. Started by Paul Balas in London back at the end of 2016, 7 short years later the imprint is celebrated throughout electronic music. Amassing over 100 million Spotify streams and thousands of followers across their Spotify playlists – Spectrum Recordings are on the rise.

Initially focusing primarily on Deep and Chill House Music, the label promotes music to thousands of subscribers across its network. Some of the key artists of Spectrum are: Kaan Pars, Jones Meadow, Nina Carr, and Sum Wave.

If you’re lucky enough to release with the brand, plays flow in the hundreds of thousands and can potentially kick start an artist’s career.

Spectrum Recordings is a brand that is sure to continue its growth to become one of the most essential imprints in the electronic scene.




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