Lane 8 Stuns with “Sunday Song”

The second single from Lane 8’s upcoming LP Brightest Lights is a slow build deep house jam. “Sunday Song” features fresh synths and spliced together vocals that give the track depth and atmosphere. This one has all the makings for a classic Lane 8 track and will be a fan favorite when he hits the road.

It starts with a very cinematic build like the crest of the sun peeking up from its slumber slowly greeting you on a Sunday morning drive and as it gets brighter and brighter the swell of the synths and the build of the snare peak into a house beat welcoming the new day with a head-bobbing, heart-pounding grove that will as Will Farrell would say, “Get the people going.”

Lane 8 has perfected the sonic build and “Sunday Song” is an artist at the top of his game. This coupled with the Polica featured house track “Brightest Lights” has me in full anticipation for the Lane 8 LP out via This Never Happened January 10. There’s an emotion to these two tracks one that Lane 8 always seems to bring out, it’s an almost happy sadness, a feeling of euphoria, which is also how, one feels after his shows. So if you’re in a city he’s touring in this winter/spring go see him it’s a can’t miss.

Check out Lane 8’s tour dates here. And be on the lookout for his next single they seem to be coming fast! I know I can’t wait to feel the mixture of happy and sad at the exact same time again!




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