Last Heroes Continue Melodic Dubstep Spree With RUNN-Assisted ‘Love Like Us’

Fresh off their widely-acclaimed Seven Lions collaboration ‘Don’t Wanna Fall’, Colorado duo Last Heroes have stayed true to their now-signature melodic dubstep sound with their fifth release of this year. Seeing a release less than a week following its premiere at Seven Lions’ stunning stream from The Gorge Amphitheatre, ‘Love Like Us’ blends dense supersaws, grandiose percussion, and deep growls to make for one of the most evocative and enchanting soundscapes in Ophelia Records’ repertoire to date.

Amidst a warm backdrop of soothing pads, stalwart melodic bass vocalist RUNN wears her heart on her sleeve in the verses, her melismas soon soaring atop an exquisite layering of poignant chords. The scintillating production, meanwhile, strikes the perfect balance between serenely evocative and deeply impactful, as one has come to expect from the up-and-coming Ophelia protégés. As hard as it is to find a niche sound in melodic dance music, Last Heroes seem to have established themselves as nonpareil champions of the melodic dubstep genre.

While ‘Love Like Us’ remains some of Last Heroes’ best work yet, it also heralds the start of a new chapter for the duo (Garrett Lucerno & Brian Helander). Of this record’s place in their bright future ahead, Brian says, “This song is the first step into something a lot bigger we’ve been working on for the past year. So much has culminated into this song and what’s to come.”




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