LAUV Drops New Song ‘Drugs & The Internet’ Along With Trippy Video

If you saw LAUV drop a new single today an expected something mellow when you hit play, think again. As of today we’re introduced to a new direction for LAUV and we’re loving it!. The new single “Drugs & The Internet” is an impressive and powerful anthem, with gritty production and smart lyrics.

The main hook “I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet, Ah shit, am I a winner yet?” appears to draw ties between the addiction and social media fame. It comes along with an equally impressive and out of the box music video which supports our initial first thoughts.

It starts off walking alone in the night he kicks a broken PC monitor and is transported into a trippy new dimension of coloured walls, prescription bottles, VHS tapes, neon lights, animal filters, and jumps to him sat at a table full of mannequins and models and taking a spoonful of jelly (which was also featured in the video for NIKI’s ‘Lowkey’ which we covered yesterday). The video takes one last twist when he jumps back to the original scene, however as it zooms out it shows Lauv watching himself.

This ones without a doubt destined to hit radio waves worldwide in no time, and we’ll be singing along!








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