Leondis Brings The Chainsmokers’ ‘High’ To Exciting New Heights In Upbeat Remix

Alongside other well-recognized names such as Don Diablo and Crankdat, the young rising act known as Leondis is tearing it up with his epic remix of “High.” Though there is only a total of 5 remixes that made the cut for the official High (Remixes) release, the dude made it – which is saying a lot. On this flip, upbeat pop vibes surround the listener as he infuses things with a fresh, uplifting twist. Clever drum work, moving piano house, and an overall creative mode is at the core of what makes this remix pop off. Leondis is not new to the arena of official remixes – Cheat Codes, Two Friends, and now The Chainsmokers have all invited him to transform their track into something people will love.

The Chainsmokers even played out the track at EDC Mexico and Super Bowl LVI Tailgate Kickoff, getting it exposed to massive audiences to say the least.

“These were the artists that inspired me to start creating music back when I was 16, so it’s a crazy full circle moment being able to work on a record with them. I have been manifesting landing an official remix with them everyday for the last few years, so although it feels crazy, it also feels right. This remix is the just the tip of the iceberg of new music to come and I really can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on with the world.”
– Leondis

Real name Alex, the future is looking bright for this 19-year-old. He seemingly is becoming a go-to of sorts when it comes to remixes. “High (Leondis Remix),” represents another notch on the belt and proves his capability. 2022 is looking to be this man’s year, keep an eye on this up and comer.





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