LEViT∆TE Shares Cultivating Audiovisual Project “Legacy”

Over the last few years, audiovisual artist LEViT∆TE has established his place as one of the most distinguished producers in his class. The mysterious and metamorphic nature of his productions has solidified his position at the forefront of the electronic hip-hop landscape. With inspirations stemming from dubstep, drum & bass, turntablism, hip-hop, and left-field bass music, LEViT∆TE has forged his own lane with his versatility and an unmistakable futuristic sound. Now, years in the making, LEViT∆TE excitedly unveils his debut album, Legacy. Featuring ten sonic tracks, each accompanied by a visual counterpart, Legacy is the long-awaited full debut from one of music’s most promising acts. 

Legacy follows the journey of Mesics, Max, and Percy the protector. Prior to the fall of modern society, Mesics found himself as chemical and mechanical engineer for the military, designing weapons. Now, 30 years into the future, a ferrofluid substance called “The Harbinger” has crippled humanity, and it’s Mesics responsibility to travel far away from greater civilization to eradicate The Harbinger from humanity. Alongside his grandson Max and his lab created android Percy, Legacy is the audiovisual story by LEViT∆TE.






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