Lexy Panterra teams up with HARBER for an exclusive Interview

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How has that influenced you?

HARBER: I listened to a lot of Eminem, Blink 182, and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Lexy Panterra: I was into old R&B and pop because of my mom, like Scorpions and then Tiesto [and other types of dance music] from my dad. I think my music preference ranges, major!

What made you decide to create music and become an artist? 

HARBER: I had been watching a lot of festivals on YouTube, and seeing the interaction that all the people in the crowd had with the songs that were being played, was such a special thing. I set off to create music that people could relate to in the same way, no matter where they are. Music is the universal language.

Lexy Panterra: Honestly, I felt like I had no choice. I grew up feeling it in my heart and soul. I’ve just always wanted to sing.

Who are your favourite artists at the moment? 

HARBER: Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Illenium, Bazzi, Calvin Harris, Lovelytheband, oh and Lexy Panterra 😉

Lexy Panterra: Khalid, Halsey, Rihanna, always lol… HARBER! Haha

Has your music changed overtime?

HARBER: Absolutely, I think that in the beginning when I started making music, I have to admit I was a trend copier, but now as I’ve grown, I’ve been making music that really resonates with me, and I hope it does the same with others, that’s the goal! 

Lexy Panterra: Oh man! My music has definitely gotten better – haha. I’ve been doing this since I was 16, so my voice has also gotten extremely better. The music I like to make has always ranged from genre to genre. I want to explore more, though. I would like to try a ballad soon.

What’s your biggest achievement to date? 

HARBER: Definitely, hitting the Billboard Dance/Club chart!

Lexy Panterra: I’ve been managing myself for the past year and a half. And, it’s the best it’s been 🙂 I think that that is my biggest achievement!

How would you describe “More Than You” to someone who has never heard it?

HARBER: “More Than You” is a real vibe. It’s got that tropical, party feel, while also telling a story of true independence.  

Lexy Panterra: It’s a perfect song for people who live for the nighttime and nightlife 😉

When and how did you meet? Were you expecting the song to be so well-received by radio and make it to the Billboard charts?

HARBER: We met through Kate Morgan, who was the songwriter on this track. Definitely always hope your tracks do well!

Lexy Panterra: I think that I knew people would definitely love it — it’s a sick song! They better like it hahahaha! We met through our kick ass mutual friend Kate who introduced us.

What do you like to do when you’re not in the studio making music?

 HARBER: I love to hang out with friends and just have a good time.

 Lexy Panterra: Sleep – LMAO!

What other artists would you love to collaborate with and why?

 HARBER: I would love to collaborate with Jonas Blue right now, I think we have similar vibes with our music. 

Lexy Panterra: Oh mannnn… Calvin Harris, Khalid! Where you at!?  

Best concert/performance/event you’ve been to and why?

HARBER: I went to Red Hot Chili Peppers show and it was awesome to see a group I grew up loving and admiring live! 

Lexy Panterra: I would say Dani Leigh concert because she brought me on her tour with her for 5 shows and that was the best experience everrrr. The crowd was amazing the energy insane!

Any news we should know about?! What are your upcoming plans for the rest of the year and what can we expect to see? 

HARBER: I have a some remixes coming out that I’m really excited about, as well as my follow up single, which should be out mid summer, I think you’ll all love it 🙂

 Lexy Panterra: I have an album I’m finishing up! I’m very excited to drop 🙂

3 words to describe you and your music?

HARBER: Tropical, Fun, Energetic!

Lexy Panterra: I will let the people decide – haha

Check out “More Than You”, Lexy’s collaboration with HARBER:




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