LICK Breaks Down Album “DARK VIBE ORDER” Track By Track

The time is now to familiarize yourself with the sound of LICK. The ever so talented producer isn’t looking to come and go, no, he’s looking to leave his mark in electronic music with his vile take on dance music. Echoing the shadowy depths of bass music, this trailblazer remains in his own lane for creating a somber yet electrifying atmosphere with his tunes. Receiving an ample amount of attention for his twisted renditions, LICK quickly found his music transported to club and festival sound systems. In an instant, his career was taken to newer heights, opportunities he might not have been prepared for have arisen. How would he respond? 

The producer replied with the unveiling of his debut album “DARK VIBE ORDER.” Honoring the title itself, this 11-track project delivers a timeless body of work that is sure to be enjoyed by the more ambitious crowd in the electronic music span. Warping you into a deep and wicked rabbit hole, this transcendent record easily proves that LICK’s potential remains through the roof. With all that being said though, what better way to pinpoint the significance of this album than to hear it from the artist himself. Hear the story of how he put this all together in the track-by-track breakdown below.


I thought an intro was needed for this project. It’s a perfect way to ease into the whole story of DVO.

Dawnless (ft.TIMIAN)

TIMIAN is a producer living overseas in Europe. I was a fan of his and we decided to link up together and make DAWNLESS. The production project was sent back and forth as we couldn’t link up in the studio but it worked out well by exchanging stems and now it’s out!

Poison (ft. Tori Letzler)

The ideal setting to listen to this song would be with someone you care about. Someone who really has been there for you and understands your feelings on an intimate level.

No Way

I started this song with drums and moved onto sample manipulation. With bass tracks like these, it’s really cool to experiment with different sounds. 

Disappear (ft. Sara Skinner & Slowpalace)

Disappear was one of those songs that came together really quickly. Sara Skinner and SLOWPALACE both are incredible musicians and artists and we got in the studio together in LA and finished the project in less than a week. I believe that we all inspired each other and wanted to create something special for the masses.


Serum was the base of the synth with post-processing including distortion from camel crusher trash 2 and overdrive from in-stock Ableton plugins.

Body (ft. Luna Aura)

I’ve known Luna for over 5 years and this was a song that I sent her a while back and we worked on it separately while I was on the road. BODY is a full representation of emotional ties with your significant other / partner. It’s a vibey kinda song. 

Runaway (ft. Tori Letzler)

I met Tori through a mutual friend and we immediately connected with each other’s visions. Something that’s actually pretty rare for me. I went into her studio and we just talked about ideas and how we were going to bring them to life. A few weeks later in LA, we worked together and POISON and RUNAWAY are both on my album. I’m thrilled to have her on as she’s a very versatile vocalist/producer. She also co-wrote the stripped version!

Drop Draws

The social reaction has to this song has been great. DVO is something that I wanted to showcase to my fans that I don’t ever want to get comfortable with one sound. I believe in multiple genres and blending your signature sound to it. I will be experimenting further on in my future projects.

Stripped & Cinematic Edits

I’ve been obsessed with movie scoring and cinematic sounds at a young age. I have played in an orchestra before and learning about different instruments and creating a brand new epic atmosphere really was important to me. I believe that it was the perfect way to end the album.

Thanks for having me CULTR!





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