Lil Nas X Drops Official Movie For Viral Track “Old Town Road”

Over five months since its initial release, Lil Nas X has released the official video for his viral track “Old Town Road” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.  The video, which classifies itself as a “movie”, was uploaded to Youtube on the 17th.  Since then, it’s amassed tens of millions of views, and reached the number one trending spot on the platform.  

The video opens with Cyrus and Lil Nas X in a wild west setting dated 1889.  The pair appear to have successfully robbed a bank, and are hiding out.  Soon, they’re found and shot at, but Lil Nas X escapes through a tunnel that leads him to the modern day.  The rest of the video shows Lil Nas X roaming around on his horse, running into countless celebrities on the way including Diplo, Chris Rock and Vince Staples.

The original version of the track shot to the top of the country charts following its viral success on video sharing app Tik-Tok, but was later removed because it was deemed “not country enough” by Billboard.  The controversial ruling led country legend Billy Ray Cyrus to collaborate on a remixed version, which has since gained massive success.  The western themed video for the song is out now on Lil Nas X’s official Youtube.

Stream The Movie Below:




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