Lina Maxine Unveils Eased Acoustic Vibes In ‘Let Me (Sweeter)’

Lina Maxine, a multifaceted musician, producer, and singer-songwriter, has released a new track titled ‘Let Me,’ accompanied by a softer acoustic version called ‘Let Me (Sweeter).’

The song highlights the power of human embrace during challenging times and draws inspiration from power pop and acoustic prog rock music. Lina Maxine’s unique style has gained momentum, with ‘Let Me’ being featured in several publications, further enhancing her career.

‘Let Me (Sweeter)’ was written, produced, recorded, and mixed in-house by Lina Maxine and Dean Aladay, and its haunting yet delicate beauty has been highly appreciated. Recently, Lina Maxine played an acoustic show in NYC, and she has a busy live schedule ahead of her 6-track EP ‘You’re My Only Friend,’ scheduled to launch on June 7th.

As an artist, Lina Maxine continues to captivate her audience with her intoxicating style, versatility, and poignant lyrics. With her new releases, she has set the bar high, and her upcoming EP is highly anticipated and something that shouldn’t be missed.




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