LINA MAXINE Releases Captivating Indie-Rock Single, ‘LET ME’

Coming in hot off an outstanding year of touring and releasing her debut EP, LINA MAXINE is starting off 2023 with her invigorating single, “LET ME”. The track opens with an alluring vocal from LINA that is joined by a simple yet powerful piano melody. As more instruments are introduced, “LET ME” is transformed into an electrifying indie-rock song. Between LINA’s inspiring lyrics and the thrilling instrumental, this anthem is destined for the main stage.

While “LET ME” puts LINA’s new-age rockstar presence in the spotlight, her journey has really just begun. During her adolescence, LINA was heavily influenced by 90s/00s alt-rock and metal bands, as well as Billie Eilish later on. By combining these mentors with her own musical creativity LINA is breaking the standard of her genre. Since dropping her inaugural EP, MIND GAMES, in 2022, LINA has gained a large following that supports her signature style.

Listen to “LET ME” and it is clear as day that LINA is on an upwards trend. With her second EP ready to be released this summer, LINA is sure to keep killing the alt-rock scene.




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