LISTEN: Get Lost In Kerala’s “What If”

Electronic music has a bonafide new rising star, as producer and musician Kerala continues to turn heads and captivate hearts with his brand of beautiful electronic music. Inching closer to the release of his debut EP, the Denver-native returns with “What If” feat. Marie Lang, out now as a self-release. With production emulating a fluttering heartbeat, the lyrics in “What If” express a deep desire for another person’s love and trust while simultaneously revealing a growing anxiety that those feelings might not be returned. As it pertains to the Escapism story arc, Kerala’s newest single establishes the dilemma of our protagonist, setting the listener on a journey driven by musical motifs and thematic elements that flow throughout the entire EP. It’s a proper love song that can equally perform the duty of breakup soundtrack or empowering ballad.

“What If” is meant to provoke a feeling of nostalgia and catharsis. The instrumental composition came together very quickly on a beautiful Fall morning in Colorado last September. I was playing my acoustic guitar, pondering the beauty of change, and its necessity within one’s own personal journey… the concept which ended up becoming the underlying theme of the entire EP! – Kerala





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