LISTEN: Tryptamine Unravel Visionary 5-track EP “Jaguar Priest”

Ringing in the new year, Tryptamine sets out to further their creative sonic vision with the anticipated release of ‘Jaguar Priest’. Tryptamine, consisting of futurebum and Charles F. Moreland III, is a burgeoning electro-acoustic, experimental duo who have been dabbling in the ethereally atmospheric realm of dance music for quite some time. Now returning with a brand new 5-track endeavor “Jaguar Priest,” fans can get another look into their pursuit of artistic fulfillment.

Between the 17th and 18th century, the Mayans had a secret weapon: The Chilam Bilam, or the Jaguar Priest. Chosen at birth, they kept this prophet underground never to see the light of the sun. Down beneath the earth’s surface, the Chilam Bilam would go into various trance states, compiling esoteric writings under his namesake. The village paid close attention to his many predictions, which signaled everything from famine to the invasion of the Spaniards.

Jaguar Priest, sets out to shed light on this forgotten enigmatic figure. This EP is a love letter to forgotten ritual and magick; a retroactive soundtrack to an arcane moment in humanity’s timeline. Beginning with the sweeping tribal cadence of “Balam” (opening a specific pathway for the tracks that follow), to the freighted ambient tissue of the EP’s closer, “Fortuner”, Jaguar Priest will be sure to clear a path through the alchemical fog.
’ – Tryptamine





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