Little Dume Takes It To The Next Level With Single ‘Lose My Head’

“Lose My Head,” captures a unique theme with it’s sedating beat and energizing vocals. From the colorful bass licks to the charming writing the verses behold, the track will warm the heart of those who listen.

The single follows up “Human,” and altogether fits into the growing discography nicely. “Lose My Head,” is both easy to sing along to and grips the listeners attention with an elastic energy level, the intensity growing and dropping at various moments absolutely plays out as a positive for the end listener.

Little Dume are far from a one hit wonder, their past release of “Dangerous Man,” has hit over 1 million streams on just Spotify alone. On the subject of their sound, their whole catalog has a ‘common sound to it,’ strengthening their brand and making their sound easy to pick out of a lineup.

Hailing from Malibu, Little Dume has been winning fans over from the LA region out. Through various moments like getting synced in Disney shows, releasing captivating music videos, and playing dozens of shows in their time, they built of something great here and are sticking to it.

These boys have a creative chemistry between them that is truly something special, be apart of the movement and give them a follow.

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