Hardwell Makes Monumental Return Via Ultra Miami

Even since the first flyer was reveled for Ultra’s return, there was talk of Hardwell’s return. The Dutch DJ retired from shows in 2018 and went on to remises for month on social media until early 2020, the post said ‘To Be Continued’ and we all know what happened soon after…

It seems a return was on the cards in 2020, but due to the cancellations of pretty much all festivals, a return was not possible until now.

As of late, it seemed almost confirmed that he would return, with publications confidently announcing it. Hardwell returning the to scene is great news for all, the music and experiences he brings are like no other.

Shortly before his return at Ultra, an Instagram ad appeared teasing a world tour, which would be quite the return for the dutchman.

The set itself was very heavy with big room techno, with Hardwell playing almost all IDs. The sound that has been taken to the next level by the likes of Will Sparks, Maddix and more.




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