LMBO Drop Euphoric Fresh Beat With 'Still Love U'

Together with Peach Fumes, LMBO have released the first single from their debut EP. The entire EP will release through the Paradise Circus imprint which is backed by Universal Music Germany.

‘Still Love U‘ features a fresh sound in their electrifying electronic beats. The track embraces the vocals and the instrumental aims to showcase a whirlwind of heavy bass, off-beat synth waves, and polyrhythm percussion.

“Still Love U” is the first track off our upcoming EP “Ennui”. To us, “Still Love You” serves as an introduction to the vibe of the EP- it blends together some of the most important melodies from the rest of the tracks. Each song kind of represents something we were feeling in being overwhelmed by all of these new challenges and emotions in post-college life.”

‘Still Love U‘ is out now through Paradise Circus, keen an eye out for their EP dropping very soon.