London Music Conference Is Jam-Packed With EDM Events

London Music Conference takes place over 3 days, 11th-13th of October. In its first year, London Music Conference has plenty of experiences on offer throughout its 8 venues. From networking events, workshops to panel discussions, LMC is covering it all.

Some of the key panels include Spotify For Artists 101, Beatport presenting new ways to start and grow labels, Secrets to Success (with separate panels focussing on Festival Promotion and Booking, Clubs and Regional), Using Brands Partnerships to Power Music, and a key discussion on the past, present and future of the London scene with all the key players. There are also plenty more topics including the art of branding, A&R, networking, breaking into the mainstream, finding new revenue streams, equality, diversity and inclusion in the music industry, as well as plenty of others.

For aspiring young DJs and producers, there is a wealth of experience on hand to give you rare insight and instruction that will help you get ahead, including production masterclasses with the likes of Hauswerks, Signum Audio and Mad Professor, Tips On How to DJ inside VR using the Oculus Rift, production masterclass with Sample Tools by Cr2 Records, tips on how to improve your image in the industry and many more besides.

After attending the workshops and panels, LMC host showcases at club such as Ministry of Sound. With several labels involved as well as their own LMC TEN Showcase.

The London Music Conference is shaping up to be an essential and must visit event for anyone involved in, or wanting to breaking into, the dance music industry.

You can see how extensive this conference will be by viewing the images below that show the artists, partners and speakers.

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