Logic Officially Drops Compilation of Young Sinatra Mixtapes; ‘The YS Collection’

Teased a couple of months ago, it’s now official and here, Logic as collated a number of songs from his Young Sinatra mixtape series; ‘Young Sinatra’ (2011), ‘Young Sinatra: Undeniable’ (2012), ‘Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever’ (2013), and the studio album ‘YSIV’ (2018).

“It’s taken us years but we finally cleared songs from over ten years ago for the fans to enjoy!” said Logic as he announced the album.”Many of you for the first time. The YS Collection is compiled of songs from the Young Sinatra mixtape series. You’ve asked me for years and I’m happy to say it’s finally here! Available everywhere Friday.”

As explained by Logic, fans have been asking for the mixtapes to be official released via platforms. Unfortunately, given the samples and elements used in the mixtape, that was not possible. It seems after Logic retired, he took the time to look into clearing the samples, resulting in the collection of records we’ve been blessed with, in an official manner. Most surprising of all, Logic cleared Frank Sinatra on ‘One’, something not easy to do.

The YS Collection follows the release of ‘Intro’, the first Logic record to release since his retirement. The track marked the Maryland born rappers return to the scene. With that last week and an compilation this week, Logic fans are sure to have a stand out month.

Given that a number of the tracks were previously on platforms, their stream count remains. Due to some of the tracks being 10 years old, the mixtape is a time machine, bringing us back to the early days of Logic. The exception is ‘Tokyo Nights’ with Like, this record is new, worked on during his Doc D sessions.




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