Lost Identities Reveal Explosive Debut Album ‘Homing Instinct’

Comprised of producer friends Andrea and Gianluca, Lost Identities rose to prominence back in 2018 with two releases on Trap Nation, followed by a lot of new music that cemented their place as one of the most exciting new names within the bass scene. Over the past few years, the duo have managed to release music with labels such as  Morph Records, TurnItUp Muzik and Electronic Records, alongside a dozen of independent releases, that let them reach over 5.5 million collective streams only on Spotify. They particularly struck gold with their collaboration “Shock Therapy“ alongside Italian duo The FifthGuys and English singer Biometrix, while also releasing a successful soundtrack cover of the Netflix series “Casa de Papel” with “My Life Is Going On.” 

Now, jumping headfirst into 2021, Lost Identities have just revealed their most ambitious project to date, their debut album titled Homing Instinct. Out independently, Homing Instinct spandexes over 7-tracks and features the talents of Shimi, Onyra, Jon Becker, Biometrix and Anna Vellington. 

Filled with massive drops and atmospheric sections, Homing Instinct is truly a wild ride into the minds of Lost Identities. “The Way Back (Overture)” featuring Shimi is an impactful way of starting off the sonic journey, a moody and slow piece filled with intricate vocals and piano chords. Shimi also makes an appearance on the experimental outro “Falling (Finale),” while Lost Identities wreck havoc in between, effortlessly jumping from genre to genre. Melodic dubstep gems such as “Past Calling“ featuring Jon Becker and “Any Other Way” with Anna Vellington are stunning showcases of what Lost Identities can truly create in the studio, while midtempo, bass gem “Hope” adds a lot of flavour to the tracklist. 

“The past, but even more the future, hides shadows. There are no safe roads, there are no unshakable certainties, but one must have the courage to take the reins of one’s life, sometimes looking back, other times abandoning the ties with the past, even if it hurts. We are sure that a light really shines in front of us; even when it becomes so feeble that we doubt it exists, it is her who gives us the strength to stand up to the challenges that hinder our goals. With this album, with sounds and lyrics, we also want to give courage and hope. We want to make it clear that, when you have a goal, when you finally find the strength to break old chains that bind us, you can jump into the void. We are therefore very proud to present our first, and not the last, album. Happy listening!”




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