Lost Lands Festival Reveals Massive 2023 Lineup

Lost Lands has transformed into an absolute haven for enthusiasts of bass music since its inception. Legend Valley, Ohio, serves as the backdrop for this extraordinary event, immersing attendees in a prehistoric environment teeming with dinosaurs. This exceptional festival not only boasts top-tier production elements but also showcases performances from some of the most revered artists in the scene. Set to return on September 22-24, Lost Lands has already made waves with its ticket release, and now Excision and his team have unveiled the lineup, causing a frenzy of excitement across social media.

In an exhilarating announcement, Lost Lands revealed a colossal 2023 lineup. Among the artists on the list, a few immediately stand out as heavyweight champions and revered figures in the scene. Adventure Club, Bear Grillz, Subtronics, SVDDEN DEATH, Flux Pavilion, Ganja White Night, Kayzo, Kai Wachi, Sullivan King, Virtual Riot, and Black Tiger Sex Machine are just a glimpse of the star-studded ensemble. Not to mention, Excision himself will deliver three awe-inspiring sets at the festival, including a captivating two-hour performance, a b2b session with Dion Timmer, and an electrifying Detox b2b collaboration with Liquid Stranger.

While the festival predominantly focuses on the resounding sounds of dubstep, there is a myriad of musical explorations to undertake. Those who have developed an affinity for drum and bass will find solace in the sets of 1991, Dimension, Sub Focus, and Netsky. Blanke, KOAN Sound, and Ivy Lab will also ignite the dancefloor with their scorching DnB beats. Additionally, genre-bending artists like ACRAZE, BIJOU, Dombresky, Wax Motif, partywithray, and Nostalgix bring their vivacious house-fueled energy to the forefront, representing the largest house music presence in the festival’s history. And let’s not forget about the explosive performance anticipated from Lil Texas, guaranteed to leave attendees exhilarated and breathless.

The undercard boasts a multitude of remarkable artists deserving recognition for their exceptional talent. Smoakland, EAZYBAKED, TINYKVT, LYNY, JEANIE, Ivory, Hamdi, Ghost In Real Life, Hydraulix, Godlands, DNMO, Benda, Ace Aura, Ian Snow, Subfiltronik, Slang Dogs, and Teddy Killerz, among others, occupy the forefront of the bass scene’s promising future. Furthermore, early arrivals on Wednesday will be treated to sensational sounds from ALGO, Crizzly, JVZMIN, TYNAN, YDG, Khiva, and more at the Village Marketplace stages. Thursday promises an equally enthralling experience with performances by Codd Dubz, Dr. Ushuu, Leotrix, Oski, and other exceptional artists.




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