Louie Vega Goes Big With Full Length Album ‘Expansions In The NYC’

Louie Vega captures the spirit of a city with his 22-track album unequivocally inspired by the vibes of the city and the gifts that it has given him. Louie Vega is a local legend of sorts, in particular with his Expansion NYC parties which so many have attended and experienced. He’s organized hours and hours of live music experience that ebb and flow with various collaborator bringing in instruments and joining on in. A huge collage of collaborating talent joined in across the extensive album to bring Expansions In The NYC to life.

In the past few years I’ve found new inspiration both from the musicians I’m working with and the audiences coming to see me at my DJ shows,” Vega says. “So for me this album represents new beginnings, bringing together a beautiful mosaic of artistic perspectives to express musically what we call Expansions In The NYC.” 

This album is deeply personal to Louie Vega, pouring his soul into each song and channeling stories and rich themes all through the album. The experience will be long-lasting and time testing.

If you are enjoying what you hear, dive into Louie Vega and see what else he offers.

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