Louis Futon Interview: ‘Couchsurfing’ Album, Producer Tips, The Future & More

Louis Futon has been a well-recognized member of electronic culture for quite some time. Singles like “Wasted On You,” and “Rewind,” being well-known singles within the scene. His catalog is vast and his brand visionary. In 2021, he’s taken his vibe to the next level with Couch Surfing, an album that takes him out of his comfort zone and places the artist into a whole new territory sonically. Couchsurfing lets loose a whopping 18-tracks into the public stratosphere, all of the tracks having a broad sense of connection to them, but also each having it’s own individualized juice that allows them to stand on their own 2 feet.

Showcasing genres like funk, soul, hip-hop, and more, there’s an undeniable spirit that is destined to touch listeners in all the right ways from different walks of life.

You can never quite know what Louis Futon will whip up next. Listening back from his older releases on forward, his development and sense of experimentalism is one of his best qualities. He clearly goes for what he’s passionate about, rather than what may be perfectly marketable, and accepts the outcome candidly.

With over 500,000 monthly listeners and ten of millions of streams to his name, Louis Futon is the farthest thing from a one hit one hit wonder and keep his fans at bay with a fresh course of releases.

We caught up with Louis Futon to chat about the album, origins, the future, and more.

What is a key message you hope people take from ‘Couchsurfing’ LP?

This album has a little bit of everything. Every single song is vastly different from one another. I hope people can really go on this journey and appreciate all of the different styles of music I love to make.

Do you have a favorite song from the album?

Ahh it’s so hard to choose a favorite…they’re all my children. BUT I’d have to say “This Beautiful World” because i sampled a voicemail that my Grandmom sent me and it makes me cry everytime.

Where did the name Louis Futon come from?

Drinking some beers in my parents basement. I didn’t really take music that seriously so I was just trying to think of funny puns and “Louis Futon” seemed to have stuck.

How would you describe how your sound has developed since the first year starting your Louis Futon alias?

My music has matured to a point where I almost can’t even recognize my early works. My mantra from day 1 has been “fuck genres”, so every time I’ve hit the studio I’m trying to push my own creative boundaries and make something fresh and original. 8+ years of that mindset and work ethic has molded my music to what you hear today.

Do you have a favorite festival you like to play?

Maybe I’m biased because it’s the most recent festival I’ve played, but High Ground festival in Denver was one of the most fun festivals I’ve played. Denver always brings immaculate vibes.

What tips would you give to young producers that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

Join my discord! One of the things I wish I had coming up as a producer was discord/twitch production communities. Everyone is super friendly and always willing to help and answer any questions.

What are you most excited about going into 2022?

More music and hopefully more shows!! This Album is just the beginning of what’s to come.