Louis The Child Release Awesome ‘Candy II’ Mixtape

Just a few months since the release of their debut album Here For Now in June, Louis The Child have released a 19 track mixtape, featuring collaborations with TroyBoi and Whethan.

They released the first Candy mixtape just over 3 years ago. Just like the second iteration, the mixtape features all unreleased music and is a collection of ideas and songs.

The mixtape includes some awesome tracks and it’s clear when listening that these are more experiential than normal Louis The Child productions. They go harder than usual also, especially with the TroyBoi team up.

The mixtape seems to feature music that did not make it into their Here For Now album. Many of the tracks in the mixtape are not full productions, simply one or two minute snippets that fit perfectly into the mixtape.

Every single artist will have unfinished songs like these, the idea of releasing them as a mixtape should be a viable options and be more common!




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