Louis The Child Release Third Beat Tape ‘Black Marble’

Louis The Child have just dropped their latest beat tape; Black Marble. The project is an instrumental tape that explores the duo’s clubbier sensibilities. The 17-track release functions less as a collection of singles and more as a seamless DJ set and is accompanied by a visual inspired by film noir and dance choreography, which was captured in numerous cities all over the world.

Compared with their proper LP projects, it’s clear this is more experimental. The productions include some interesting elements that are sure going to be a love-it-or-hate-it type situation! There are a bunch of awesome drops in this and the icing on the cake is that the tape is mixed from start to finish!

Louis The Child says about the project, “For our 3rd beat tape we set out to do something that felt completely different from the first two. We’re always making different styles of music, and after a little while we noticed we had a lot of songs that felt darker and girttier than the rest of the music we were putting out. It became clear to us that this was going to be the direction of the next beat tape. We pushed ourselves to create a project that was a step up from Candy 2 both sonically and visually. The film takes place in 9 different cities around the world and features dancers of various styles performing throughout each city. One of our favorite parts of creating the project was doing viewings of the film at warehouse venues in NYC, LA and Chicago. After each viewing we would go back and make adjustments to the film and music based off the reactions we got and how we felt seeing the movie on a big screen with a big soundsystem. We hope you enjoy the project :)”





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