Love, Death & Robots Season 2 Review

Love, Death & Robots was a very pleasant surprise when it was released in 2019. The 18 episode animated anthology series was reviewed well and quickly amassed a strong fan base. Over two years later and the second serving has arrived.

The success of the series was no surprise when you consider that the minds of Tim Miller and David Fincher were involved. That continues with installment two and likely the recently confirmed third season.

It was a bit of a let down to hear that season two would only feature eight episodes after eighteen were generously given in season one. You definitely are left wanting more after season two but that craving will soon be feed with the arrival of season three in 2022.

Just like season one, the animation is incredible. Starring Michael B Jordan, Life Hutch‘s animation was simply outstanding. At times it was difficult to distinguish whether it was actually animated. The Snow In The Desert episode also featured life like animation, which really popped in the desert landscapes. As well as season one, there were many different animation styles featured throughout the eight episodes which allowed for a varied experience as you travel through the season.

Nothing in season two reached to heights of season one’s Beyond the Aquila Rift, which was an amazing example of both out of this world story telling and incredible animation. While that is present in season two, there were not many stand outs, but the collection being pretty solid all round. The sometimes mind bending sci-fi and creative elements continue and are one of the reasons for the show’s success.

What is left behind in season one is the nudity, which may have been to allow for younger individuals to dive into the series. What does continues however is the gore and explicit language that was ever present in the initial season.

Season two was another NSFW collection of terrific shorts that make you think, amaze you, stun you, make you laugh and is a must watch for any lovers of season one.

Season 2 of Love Death & Robots arrives May 14th on Netflix.




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