LOVRA and Justin Jesso Spark Fire In Infectious Dance Tune ‘Spinnin’

German based electronic artist LOVRA and vocalist Justin Jesso have scored big on one exciting feature. The combination of their talents has brought about the single “Spinnin.” An emotional, but energy-driven work that speaks volumes, the single get’s right into the chorus in no time at all, where the production of Lovra and the vocal essence of Justin Jesso reach a peak that’s highly infectious. The single focuses on the theme of partnerships in the modern era, sharing a story of how they can be complex, but that’s just the way it is.

The thumping deep house and piano provide a healthy platform for the charm that Justin Jesso lays on. Their aura weaves together harmoniously as the sonic parts flow in and out, taking turns to bring about the action in the best ways possible.

Both acts here have several waves of experience under their belt. Starting out with LOVRA, singles like “Pieces (Lovra Remix),” and “Someone In the Dark,” stick like glue and boast millions of plays. Having played events around the world including Tomorrowland, LOVRA knows how to shower the goodness on hard to say the least.

Justin Jesso has vocal work that’s been attached to a variety of artists of all shapes and sizes, the biggest of which was with Kygo on the iconic single “Stargazing.”




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